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5-3-12 Thursday’s WOD

Squat Challenge,



5 Horrifying rounds of,

ONE BAR ONLY! You must pick a weight that you can perform all 3 movements.

12 Deadlifts 155/105

9 Hang power cleans 155/105

6 Push Jerks 155/105

Kyle, perhaps daydreaming of happier times.

14 Responses to "5-3-12 Thursday’s WOD"

  1. seriously, did you put “horrifying” in the description of a workout? nice.

  2. JFTB:

    This WOD fucking sucked!!!!!!!!!

  3. JFTB:

    P.S. Where were you ladies: Tami, Jess, Melvin??!!

  4. JFTB did awesome, RX’D, she’s a badass.

    Don’t be scared of DT, he’s AWESOME!


  5. Dr. Brian:

    Love everything about this one, with the exception of the 155#.

  6. mr. jeffc:

    any WOD named after the effects of alcohol withdrawal has to be excrutiating..

  7. avatar

    Great Job Jenny on the RX!! At least I told Tiff I wasn’t going to make it. I had to get somethings done, before leaving for out of town. :)

  8. avatar

    Kyle got hit by the CF sniper….damn!

  9. hmm…Brian said they were hitting the road by 2pm.
    Time for the animals to take over the zoo!

  10. Adam:

    I bet Bobby wet the bed dreaming about this workout.

    I am going to draw all over the acknowledgement board!!!!!!!

    • hey, Sleeping Beauty, where were you this morning? At least I show up when I don’t workout!

  11. avatar

    I KNEW IT WAS YOU THAT WROTE THAT!!! Shame on you Adam, for defacing the Acknowledgement board after someone expressly asked you not to… for shame!

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