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CFSC Member Stories

Meet some of our members and see what they have to say about their experience with CrossFit Steele Creek!

Kelly F. – I wanted to thank you and your staff for pushing me to get strong and in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  As a 34 yr old mother of 2, I’m more than thrilled with the progress I’m making.  I didn’t look this good in high school!

In 2011, I lost 20 pounds by switching to a Paleo diet.  While I was happy with my size, it was clear I needed to tone up desperately.  I was running 4 miles a day and while it was mentally nice, it made no noticeable improvements physically.  It was very frustrating.  I had some CrossFitting friends who were pushing me toward it but, like a lot of girls, I was afraid to weight train.  I was afraid of “getting bulky” and terrified of adding a pound.  Fortunately, a few scary articles on “skinny fat” bodies was enough to get me signed up.   Since joining CFSC, I’ve been literally dropping inches (totally wasn’t expecting that) and toning up and adding muscle and it’s been a beyond awesome experience.  I look and feel great.  I’ve never said that before in my life.  I can’t wait to see what the next 4 months will bring!

Lis D. – On December 18, 2010 I decided that I needed to take control of my health. After many discussions and inspiration from friends, I took a leap and walked in for my first day of Crossfit. This was the progression I made between week 2 and week 15 of exercising regularly and cleaning up my eating. Thank you CrossFit Steele Creek – you changed my life. One month later, I found out I was pregnant…

…Now, at week 53 of Crossfit, and week 32 of pregnancy, I still do not weigh as much as I did when I walked through those doors. I have had a happy, healthy pregnancy, and have continued with CrossFit throughout. As much as I loved losing the weight, gaining it again has been the best part of my year. :) And thank you to all of my CF buddies who have encouraged, supported, and laughed with me throughout this past year. You are the best!

Paul C. – I came into CrossFit Steele Creek with my wife, Megan, around mid October, 2010. Having heard about CrossFit from a bunch of my prior military friends I wanted to give it a shot as well as do something active that I could share with my spouse.  I decided to let her have a go first as I was still a little reluctant and I kept working out with my buddy at work in our ‘traditional’ gym.  After a few visits back to CFSC during this time I just fell in love with it.  CrossFit reminds me of working out in the military, it was something I enjoyed, everyone embraced the suck and just pushed through it, kept on going saying “we all are in this together”.  That communal mentality is something I had been missing and it helps push me further and harder every day. So with that I found myself signing up as well on Nov 1, 2010, and took the top 2 photos you see.  I don’t remember the exact figures but I was over 30% body fat and out of shape, unless you count round, it is technically a shape. I quickly and vehemently sought the teachings of the coaches for everything in and out of the gym.  We had a ‘Zone Diet’ challenge which got me heavily involved and now fully entrenched into eating the ‘Zone’ 24/7, and I LOVE IT.   I am now; the bottom 2 photos, down from a 40″ to 32″ pant size, down from XL (or XXL in some cases) to just Large shirts.  I’ve lost roughly 50 lbs over the last year!

Thank you to the coaches: Cory, Brian, Aaron, Dave, Lisa, Dawn, and Kyra.  You have all helped me in some way over the past year and I wouldn’t be where I am today without your continued motivation, pushing, form correction, and most of all passion for what you do.

If this picture inspires at least one of my friends to get out and live a healthier lifestyle then I’ll be happy. You can do it people, just get out there and ‘Do work’. You’ll be happier because of it!
This is only the beginning, I’ll keep working, keep pushing, and keep striving to be a healthier me for my wife and my son.


Norelle I. – I have been with CFSC since they opened their facility. I have enjoyed watching our crossfit family grow. This place is amazing and the energy is always exhilarating.The coaches are very knowledgeable and motivating. especially, when I wasn’t feeling like working out. This place is more than just a gym, its a family. It has truly changed me and I love everything about it. When I first joined CFSC I was 50 lbs over weight and was not happy about my physical appearance. I kept working hard and kept on the regiment that the very helpful coaches of CFSC had made for us. within a few months I started noticing changes not only physically but also confidence in myself. I felt relieved after seeing results since I had tried so many things that never worked for me. now i am 50 lbs lighter and in the best shape of my life. After this accomplishment, I feel extremely motivated to keep striving forward to get even more fit.


Adi I. – I am in the army and my motivation to join crossfit was to get in better shape. I was just planning to come in for a little while and get in shape, but once I started doing crossfit at CFSC, I noticed that it was more than just the workouts, it was being in the presence of a great crowd. I was like some other people who say that ” we can just look at the workouts online and do it at a gym” but when I tried that, I noticed it wasn’t the same as i wasn’t as motivated to workout by myself, I got funny looks in the gym as i grunted trying to do my power cleans as they were strolling on their treadmills. The atmosphere at CFSC makes me workout harder and push myself even harder. The coaches at CFSC are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have approached all of them to get some advice about work outs and diets.




An Email From Cami B. Subject “Two Surprises” -
Surprise #1:  I just attempted to wear a pair of slacks that have not seen my rear end in well over 18 months!  They slide on without effort and with LOTS of comfort!

Surprise #2:  I found $46 in the back pocket!

Thank you for all you do for me!  I APPRECIATE you and Brian immensely!

Have a great weekend,



Tami C. – Posted on FaceBook

-I just wanted to say THANK YOU.   It dawned on me that Kendall has been coming to Crossfit for over a year now.  During that time she has experienced health issues – appendicitis and mono – that kept her out for several weeks, Doubt – she chose to quit for a month because it was “too much” with swim team practice and then recently summer time camps/vacations that have kept her away, but in the end she always WANTS to come back.     She has changed so much over the past year.  Obviously some of that has to do with maturity and puberty J but the changes I have seen are because of Crossfit.    She went from being a unhealthy, self-conscious, non-athletic teen to a healthy, athletic and CONFIDENT teen.   I don’t mean to be cheesy, but it really brings tears to my eyes to see the positive changes she has experienced.    The fact that she WANTS to come is really what amazes me.   Being a teenager she could easily have a million excuses NOT to come, but typically she is hurrying me to be sure I am home from work in time to get her there.  If she misses it is usually because it conflicts with my work schedule.   Anyway, THANK YOU!   I constantly have people tell me how good Kendall looks and how much she has changed.  I let them know it is because of CrossFit!!

Aarick H.- A chiropractic Groupon is actually what brought me to CF. I had torn my interior core muscles in 2012, and after a long rehab process, was still in need of serious help. I saw an offer online for a chiropractic package I could afford and decided to give it a try. After just a month of adjustments I felt well enough to try to start working out on my own again. I failed. I quickly learned that its hard to motivate yourself for yourself all by yourself.  After a few more adjustments and some encouragement from Dr. Brian I decided to try CF. BEST DECISION EVER! I’ve lost 40 lbs in the last 2 months or so, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this great.

Prior to CF is wasn’t doing much at all (if any thing). If I actually was able to force myself to go for a jog I would kick myself afterwards because I would realize just how far out of shape I had gotten. It wasn’t good enough for me that I was trying, the only thing I could think about was how much farther I used to be able to run and how much easier it used to be. I think the biggest thing that CF has changed for me is my mindset. I stopped worrying about what I can’t do and started to focus on my personal growth. Everyday I go to CF I’m only concerned with doing the best I can, and working to improve everyday.
My first impression of CF….. NO WAY IN HELL I’M DOING THAT!!! Needless to say the workouts are a bit intimidating at first. My first impression of the people was that everyone was super nice and encouraging. Being in the type of environment where everyone supports one another is an amazing feeling. Its that support that helps motivate you to keep going, and encourages you to do your best no matter what. Now a days it doesn’t really matter what the WOD is, I show up knowing that I have the support of everyone working out with me, and the helps push me through the tough, grueling times when I would usually want to just quit.
The next movement I am going to learn is the kipping pull up. After that its on to double unders, hand stand push ups, and eventually rope climbing.
Simone J.-

 What brought you to CF?


My initial intention was to just find some exercise that was close enough to my house where I would be able to go 4-5 times per week and when you moved into your current location I thought that criteria was met and I should be able to stick with a program like that. At that time I had no idea what Crossfit was. 


What were you doing prior to CF?


I was going everywhere and doing everything, different “globo” gyms, YMCA, small gym, kettlebell studio, aerobics classes where I live, only running, swimming, yoga studio, but mostly after a few months at one of these places something didn’t work out (too far away, not enough classes/wrong time, got bored) and I moved on to the next thing. Except I still do yoga.


What was your first impression? How has that changed?


I was so excited and couldn’t wait for on-ramp to be over so I could get into the regular workouts. I’m still excited since every workout is different.


What’s your next movement you’re trying to learn?


Pull-up and going all the way up on the rope.

Kelly W.-I joined CFSC in August 2012. Before this time…I had no regular workout or exercise routine. I spent a lot of time trying diets I would read about for a few days. My husband and I joined as a couple. He loved it right away. Me…not so much. For the first several months I would walk in the door, look at the white board and walk out.
Sometimes I would pull in the parking lot and then just leave.

My initial impression was “I cant do this” “I don’t know what any of this stuff is” I really wanted to just quit. One day I was talking to Brian and he said I might actually want to go and try some classes instead of paying for a membership. So I decided try and after a while I realized my first impression was off base.

I realized there was nothing to be afraid of…the coaches are awesome! They are all very friendly and they really care about helping you and making sure you understand the movements. I also starting making friends ….it feels like a family.

I need to improve every movement..but right now I am working on my overhead square and running. I have only had 2 RX’s in 15 months!!! I finally got double unders and that feels great!

Joining CFSC had been such a wonderful thing for our entire family.  My husband and I always talk about our workouts…we try go beat each others times. We also encourage each other!! Our kids are 7 and 4 and we love the positive influence CFSC has had on them.They love watching us workout. They love all the coaches and are always talking about “growlng their muscles”.

We are so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful place!



CrossFit Steele Creek Members – We want you ALL to be featured on this page!  If you would like to share your story please email us your story at Crossfitsteelecreek@gmail.com or even just leave us a comment on this page on how CFSC has helped you!

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  1. GeezerDave:

    This testimonial is aimed at all who think that too many years have passed
    since being in good shape or who think they might be a little too old to start at XFit. This 63 year old body had seen better days. I was athletic
    in high school and college. I had to be in great shape as I went through 18 months of navy flight school in the early 70′s. Throughout my 30′s and 40′s I stayed in decent shape with running, aerobics classes, trainers and the “Y”. My 50′s was a terrible time. Pavement running finally zapped me with a compressed disc. No surgery but it was my excuse to ease up. For 10 years I slipped into an extra 30 pounds. At this age it also affects things like posture, balance, sleep, hypertension and wardrobe costs. I did a stint with a couple trainers at great expense and then met Dr. Brian from already knowing Dr. Lisa. I was advising him a bit about
    running a small business and learned more about XFit. I began on tax day
    April 15, 2010 just after they opened.

    Cory must have thought I would be a ‘charity’ case. Old man who couldn’t do 8 squats without needing a rest. I made up my mind to spend as
    long as it would take and to work as hard as I could………..forever.
    I’m proud to say that XFit’s instructors and many many others have made this the best environment possible for one to reach deep and exceed any previous physical conditioning. Not only are the 30 pounds gone but this
    year I’m trying out for the Masters 60+ World XFit Games as this is being written. C’mon in and change your life. Dave Herald
    P.S. I don’t own a bikini swimsuit so, thank God, you will not see that photo.

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